Tree Care Oxford
Tree Care Young’s Tree Services provide a comprehensive tree care service. The goal of tree care is to maintain or improve the structure, appearance, vitality, and safety of your trees. We always look for ways to fix, preserve, and increase the health of your trees rather than removing them.
Tree Felling / Removal We are experts in removing large trees in all locations including dangerous trees and trees in confined spaces. We use various techniques such as dismantling using lowering systems, a crane or free fall branch removal; as we rarely have enough space to fell a tree in one.
Tree Felling and Removal
Stump Removal
Stump Removal After a tree has been removed the stump is often in the way and will not rot away for many years. Grinding the stump will enable you to re-plant in the same location or simply turf over the area. We use modern purpose built ‘stump grinders’ which are much more efficient than digging out stumps resulting in cheaper prices.
Pruning Managing the shape or size of a tree or shrub at any stage of its life. When executed correctly, pruning can offer a variety of benefits to trees which include, improving health and appearance, and enhancing views. 
Tree Crown Reductions
Crown Reductions To reduce the height and lateral spread of a tree by the removal of the ends of the branches whilst maintaining the trees natural shape as far as possible. Some trees require a crown reduction to make them safe which is often the best option rather than removing the tree all together.
Planting After removing a tree, if possible, it’s a good idea to plant a new one as a replacement. We can help you choose the right tree for the location and one that will suit your needs.
Tree Planting
Hedge work and trimming
Hedge Work We provide a high standard of hedge trimming and hedge reduction work. Lowering the height of a hedge is a great way to let in more light in to your garden and reducing back the width of a hedge can increase the size of your garden. 
Tree Surveys We offer visual tree assessments which is usually carried out from ground level and climbing inspections if necessary. You will then be provided with a report of our findings which will include any recommendations of remedial action.
Removing dead tree branches
Removing Dead Branches The removal of dead branches is important for safety reasons and can improve the appearance of a tree. Dead wood can cause a fair amount of damage to property if fallen from a height.
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